The Jesus System is a Bible and life study combined as one, enabling us to view and understanding life as a whole through God’s Word, Understanding life as a whole influences how we think about ourselves and others, how we communicate with ourselves and others, how we view ourselves and others, and most importantly, how we see ourselves in relationship with Jesus Christ.


                                                To give us this whole, we will break down our life into five parts, or systems of 

                                                Belief, Faith, Identity, Communication, and Network. Through separately

                                                establishing each part or system of our life in God’s Word, a life fully inter-

                                                connected in the Word of God will be revealed, functioning harmoniously as a

                                                whole in God’s perfect love.

With over 500 scripture references, this study will challenge you to place His Word as the foundation of your life through revealing hidden truths about His nature, character, and perfect love for you. The Jesus System will answer the difficult questions we have about God, as well as challenge you to critically think about how God relates to everyday life. The Jesus System will walk you through Hebrew and Greek translations, Real Life examples, life Applications, Thinking Points, and Chapter questions that will not only teach you how to apply and study His Word, but will bring it to life!

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The Jesus System

Healing.  Restoration.  God's Rest.

So honored to have our marriage testimony in Food For Soul Magazine.  It is wonderful to know not only God's ability, but His perfect purpose for each one of us.  Despite how things look at the moment, He has a plan for YOU that He is preparing and maturing you for in the present.  Check out our story of God's perfect love:

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